Why Cashman Consulting as your retirement plan advisor?


Designing and maintaining a Plan for the benefit of all is a priority. Your employees are the most critical resource. Our goal is to implement and maintain a retirement plan that will bring value to your employees and business.

Plan Sponsors are required to act as prudent experts under ERISA, (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974), and therefore held to a high standard of care with respect to Plan-related decisions regarding investments, service providers, plan administrators and general ERISA compliance issues. We, at Cashman Consulting, hold ourselves to this same high standard of care. Every decision made as a co-fiduciary must be in the best interests of Plan participants and their beneficiaries. We are committed to maintaining the attributes generally considered to be the makeup of a good advisor and challenge you to ensure you are receiving this same level of commitment.

Our strength at Cashman Consulting is our individual approach in building collaborative relationships with our business clients, partners, and vendors to implement a solid financial strategy.


IndependenceWe strive to help evaluate funds and providers objectively and without conflict of interest
Experienced ProfessionalsERISA section 404(a) requires fiduciaries to act with the skill, knowledge and expertise of a prudent expert
Plan DesignWe help Plans maintain qualified status while continuing to meet the goals and objectives of your organization
Knowledge of the Provider MarketplaceWe ensure that your plan is being administered in the most efficient manner and for a reasonable price
Qualified Plan Investment Experience We evaluate, select and monitor fund performance
Documentation We demonstrate procedural prudence in a well-documented manner
Communication & EducationWe educate employees regarding Plan highlights and how to create an appropriate investment strategy
Acceptance of Role as a Co-FiduciaryWe are willing to acknowledge in writing that we are a co-fiduciary to your plan with respect to the investment advice being delivered
TransparencyWe fully and openly disclose all sources of fees being received on a direct and/or indirect basis