We specialize in you.

Our success is tied to our relationships with our clients, who continually inspire us as they grow. At Cashman Consulting we are differentiated by the experiences we deliver. Our approach and philosophy provides a solid foundation from which we operate day in and day out. In a client relationship, prior to any recommendation being made, there is a series of fact-finding steps designed to understand your existing goals and guidelines. It is our responsibility to maintain your objectives, identify areas for improvement, and make carefully considered recommendations.


Communication • Consistency • Care • Counsel • Collaboration


Selecting and monitoring investments are a critically important task for our firm whether for an individual client, an employer-sponsored retirement plan or trust accounts.

At Cashman Consulting our investment philosophy starts with a well-diversified, long term view with a strong emphasis on consistency and minimizing risk. Our advisors construct portfolios designed to capture market returns with less volatility by incorporating our collective knowledge, internal research, site visits with management companies, industry-acclaimed research and observations from asset class efficiencies.

Our pursuit of consistent long-term market returns employs a two-pronged approach to portfolio management:
  • Top-down process: to identify the global economic and market factors that drive returns across multiple asset classes and seek to optimize the allocation.
  • Bottom-up approach: to identify investments that offer the appropriate level of risk/reward relative to alternatives.