Judy Cashman is a Principal Partner of Cashman Consulting enabling individuals and business leaders to realize their financial goals since 1997. Judy brings over 20 years of experience, supporting relationships with long term clients and business owners through both bear and bull markets. Prior to founding and growing Cashman Consulting in partnership with Jeffrey, Judy served as Vice President of IPC Pension Services, owning the end-to-end client experience for over 15 years.

Judy is known in the Redmond business and non-profit community for bringing clarity on the impact of short- and long-term financial decision-making. Judy uses her strengths in process oversite and quality management to consistently transition employee investment plans smoothly into the care of Cashman Consulting.

While Judy is pivotal at Cashman Consulting, she works hard to find time to spend with her grandchildren and looks forward to traveling to warm climates with her whole family. She is a disciplined athlete and has a passion for Mexican Oaxacan Wood carvings.